Vital Nonsense

by Gabe Rosales

The first eclectic release that served as the launch pad for the VNON movement. 

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"Gabe Rosales, V-Non, Vital Nonsense, the album. At times this album sounds like a hip hop album with all live musicians. Other times it sounds like a rock album. Rapping over jazzy melodies, songs in the vein of Alice in Chains where Gabe straight sings!!! This album encompasses so many moods and genres yet never losing it’s cohesive flow. I am super bored of unimaginative hip hop and this is the fix for that. It sounds like he has the Gypsy Kings in a session and Gabe Rosales spits about life exploration, overcoming struggle and expanding boundries. Even as I write this, my thoughts are unorganized because I’m at a loss for words. This is the guy, as you may remember from our interview on illuminati2g, who went on tour with Christina Millian, Jennier Lopez, plays with members of the Police, etc. etc., etc! Seriously, this is one of those albums you need to buy because you love music of all types. This is the album to play at your intellectual party while you discuss the fate of the world. An album to beat those demons to and fill your spirit with light. An album to play while you read Edgar Allen Poe (thanks to Gabe Rosales’ Mom). Reminds me of an old friend who painted on the streets of downtown LA across from the jail house, “the mind is the only prison that binds the soul.” I reference that old adventure in that, music can transcend genres and still carry you on a solid trip. From Gabe’s interview on he says, “Listen to other MC’s if you wanna dream about gold chains, hot tubs full of bitches, and cristal. Listen to my album if you’re interested in being aware about the world around you, where you fit, how to cope, taking out aggression, and how you can build something worth more than personal instant gratification. I’ve lived different lifestyles from attending buddhist meditation courses in silence for weeks, to doing drugs in a room by myself. I’ve drank Cristal on a private plane touring Europe and I’ve been a rep in jail for the Southside in south Cali. I’ve seen and had the opportunity to deal with a lot and I’ve incorporated it all into my album." In 1999, he played on George Lynch’s album Smoke This, and consumed excessive amounts of alcohol while on tour. Because of this, Rosales went on a spiritual search, and attended a 10 day Buddhist Vipassana meditation course. After his return, he began playing again and landed gigs with Christina Milian, Jennifer Lopez, and Prashant Aswani. Later, he took a vow to soberness, resisting both drugs and alcohol. He has also been teaching guitar and bass for nine years."

- Jehuniko

"Musician/lyricist Gabe Rosales’ first solo release, “Vital Nonsense,” is jammed packed with an abundance of an energetic fusion of Hip-Hop and hard rock. The first track of the album, “Shrodingers Experiment,” is a beautiful acoustic guitar piece with Latin flair. There is a wild ride to this disc as it delves into diverse styles with enthusiastic prowess. With the style of a sharp and easy flowing rhymer, “Th Ministry” and “Southside Freedom” has a chill out feel with beats that seep cleverly into your soul. The maximum head banging fury on “This Day” and “Building 7” runs full throttle as the sinister vocals scream to the driving beats. Changing up the genre, “Won’t Get None” has funky bass grooves, striking synth hits, and driving word play. Smooth and sultry, “Star” and “Ashes to Clay” charm the listener with their warm and sensuous Latin tonality. If you are looking for something with diversity, creativity, and uniqueness within one album, then Gabe Rosales’ “Vital Nonsense” is just the right one with its versatility to play a range of music"
- Diane at RadioIndy

"I’m a huge V-Non fan!!!"

- Capital X (Ex-Prisoner, Activist, Poet, Speaker, Author, Journalist, Revolutionary)

"Gabe Rosales is the future of thinking-mans music."

- Street Poet Monte Smith (Internationally acclaimed Street Poet, Rap Journalist, Community Based Educator and Anti-Racist Activist)