VNON is a band and a Nonprofit Corporation 501(c)(3)


Listen to Gabe Rosales - VItal Nonsense Here

About VNON

Vital Nonsense (VNON) was founded by professional musician and activist Gabe Rosales in 2009. The foundational structure for the movement was conceived at the North Fork, California Vipassana meditation center in the mind of Rosales during a 10-day retreat in 2010.

VNON is nonprofit entity (est. 2019) and band (est. 2011) to encompass multiple styles of music to educate and inspire people everywhere to engage in humanitarian aid, preserving sustainable cultures, combating unfettered capitalism, facilitating human evolution, promoting rehabilitation, community outreach and personal growth through cultivating self-awareness and connection with others. Each performance is aimed towards unifying and educating music communities to assist in humanitarian relief, creating or sustaining rehabilitative programs and advocating for children’s charities.

VNON Nonprofit Board

Directors - Gabe Rosales, Rob Bird, Max Vega

Secretary - Michael Madariaga

Treasurer - Peter Freeman

S.U.N. Philosophy 

The band promotes a S.U.N. philosophy which stands for Scientific, Universal, and Non-sectarian. This concept is derived from vipassana meditation as originally taught by Buddha in India over 2500 years ago. The teaching is universal because misery is a universal problem for all humanity as craving and aversion can create toxic social systems. It is non-sectarian because we as a species share this planet and creating more division through dogma stifles our potential. In an ever changing, evolving world, we need balance to create a sustainable world. We must use logic and reason to come out of our chaotic habit patterns but use our humanity and passion to create art. Science is the element of understanding through quantifiable information but it also represents the Buddhist teaching of a "beginners cup" mentality. We do not have all the answers to the questions of the universe but we are humble enough to acknowledge that fact and continue the search until new evidence is available. This S.U.N. philosophy acknowledges a fundamental issue with humanity in our inability to observe our feelings and emotions objectively and our fear of the unknown. VNON bases nothing on blind faith or dogmatic rituals which often times is rooted in our human tendency to fear the impermanent nature of our universe. Vital Nonsense is based on personal responsibility and the internalized knowledge that we as a species share a "common origin," and are all connected. It is also based on the experiential knowledge and the universal truth that all things are impermanent.

VNON covers many styles of music from jazz fusion to death metal to not only showcase the raw talent and versatility of the VNON musicians but to also join differing demographics of music lovers under the one banner of humanitarian outreach. Gabe Rosales' 1st solo album entitled Vital Nonsense was the launch pad for this concept and band. The movement members include creator Gabe Rosales (lead vocals, guitar and bass), Jeff Suburu (guitars), Mike Madariaga (guitars), Todd McCool (guitars), Brian Roberts (keys), Anesha Rose (vocals), Peter Freeman (bass), Jimi Etherington (vocals), Jon Knox (drums), Max Vega (drums and percussion), Jason Toney (drums), Divine Styler (vocals), Calafia Zulu King Lastman (vocals)

Origins of “Vital Nonsense” THE CONCEPT


The name "Vital Nonsense" spawned from a chapter in an Eastern philosophy and quantum mechanics book entitled, “The Dancing Wu Li Masters,” by Gary Zukav. -

"The importance of nonsense can hardly be overstated. The more clearly we experience something as 'nonsense', the more clearly we are experiencing the boundaries of of our own self imposed cognitive structures. 'Nonsense' is that which does not fit into the pre-arranged patterns which we have super imposed on reality. There is no such thing as 'nonsense' apart from the judgemental intellect that calls it that."

"True artists and true physicists know that nonsense is only that which, viewed from our present point of view, is unintelligible. Nonsense is nonsense only when we have not found the point of view from which it makes sense. Those scientists who establish the established lines of thought, however, are those who do not fear to venture boldly into nonsense, into that which any fool could have told them it is clearly not so. This is the mark of the creative mind, in fact, this IS the creative process."

VNON Live for a Syrian Refugee Benefit Concert where all proceeds went to International Rescue Committee (IRC)